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Is A Dachshund Right For You?

Curious, lovely, charming, brave, loyal and intelligent are these little dogs. They tend to be courageous, with big personalities,  that are strongly devoted to their families. As with all dog breeds, individual dogs have their own personalities, but there are some traits that are very common throughout the breed. For example, because they were bred to hunt independently, dachshunds – especially smooth dachshunds – can be stubborn. Poor training can result in excessive barking and housebreaking difficulties in some dachshunds as a result of their stubborn nature. Effective training is a must for all dogs, including dachshunds. We find our dachshunds very eager and keen to please, without a strong stubborn streak evident.

Ask any dachshund breed owner and you’ll find there’s no other dog worth owning. They tend to be a little addictive!! Many dachshunds owners can’t stop at one, and this suits the dachshund as they are not generally a dominant dog and like the company of another dachshund. They like to snuggle up together and often sleep with their heads resting on each others backs.

Dachshunds make the best family pets, and become very attached to their family. Children must be taught to handle a dachshund in such a way that the dog’s spinal column is not injured. We recommend families with young children do not allow them to pick up the dachshund to protect their little backs. Due to the importance of back care we don’t recommend dachshunds for families with children under 5 year old. 

The dachshund courage, which serves the breed so well in the field, can be a problem for city dogs. Dachshunds may bark at or chase other dogs when they are being walked. For this reason, as well as general common sense, dachshunds should always be walked on a leash in cities and towns, and they should always be confined to a securely fenced yard at home. 


Dachshund puppy cuddles

Dachshunds are a very social animal. They love their family and want to be around them at all times. Keep this in mind when deciding whether to make your Dachshund an in or outside dog. Many dachshunds kept outside all the time tend to develop bad behaviours like digging and barking. If a house dog is not want you want then the Dachshund is probably not the right breed to have. Remember they are a small dog that wants to be under your feet at all times. He does not want to miss out on anything, including meal time. He loves to sit in your lap and cuddle under covers. Dachshunds firmly believe that sleeping under the bed covers is their inalienable right. They live to be spoilt and a major part of family life. Dachshunds also generally  love the water.

Are they playful? As with all other breeds, the answer to that question depends upon the individual dog. Some dachshunds like to retrieve balls, some like to play with squeaky toys, some like to play with other dogs, and some are just couch potatoes. All our puppies tend to be playful, happy puppies though. The generally love a walk, a play and then to rest close by to their owners. The long coats generally tend to be more sedate and laid back.