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Who We Are?

Welcome and hello. We specialise in breeding quality miniature dachshunds, both smooth and long coat. Our goal is to breed for health and temperament, so all our puppies are suitable for family pets. We are a family living in the Tamworth region of NSW,  Australia. Our journey with dachshunds began when I, Alison was a very young child. I always longed for a dog of my own and from a very young age pestered relentlessly my parents. When I was 7 I was given a book of dog breeds for Christmas and devoured it from cover to cover, deciding a miniature dachshund was the dog for me. It took me a few more years of relentless insistence before my very first tan female mini dachshund, Sugar, joined our family and became my constant companion and shadow. She brought such joy and meaning to my young life and helped me through my turbulent teen years where the unconditional love of a four legged friend meant the world to me. Her loyalty and total devotion to me was remarkable and I knew she was the best dog anyone could ever own, and she was all mine. James and i married and Sugar was still a large part of our life. Although aging, she brought us both much joy with her funny little antics and total devotion. She sadly passed away at 14 years old and left an enormous hole in our lives that I never thought could be filled, and could never imagine trying to. However time passed, 5 amazing children were added to our family, and our love for dogs wasn’t being met. We decided we would love a dog to join our lives. So as to not be comparing any new addition to Sugar, we thought a long haired dachshund would be great- similar yet different. After Charlotte joined our family, we knew instantly that all dachshunds possess the incredible love, devotion and loyalty of Sugar, and we wanted to share this amazing breed with others.

James has a bachelor of science degree, and I a bachelor of health, so we understand the importance of sound genetics. We have thoughtfully and carefully sourced our dogs, and dna tested every one for all tests currently available, to ensure as much as is in our control, genetically sound puppies. We select our dogs on health and temperament. We continue to grow and expand our colours and patterns in both long coat and smooth.

We became registered breeders with The Master Dog Breeders and Associates, because of their focus on ethical, responsible breeding of family pets. Puppies, like people are a product of nature, and nurture, their genetic makeup and the environment in which they are raised. We take great pride in raising healthy, happy and well socialised little puppies. The first 17 weeks of a puppies life are a critical period for socialisation for a puppy. A breeder has an enormous responsibility as those first 8 weeks are very important. They need to be exposed to so many and varied stimuli during this time, and we take this responsibility seriously

Our mothers are well loved pets first and foremost, and their health and well being is of prime importance to us. They share our home, and our lives. They whelp in our home, usually in our bedroom where they feel most comfortable. They spend the first week under very close supervision, again generally in our bedroom, or our children’s (each of our children are the proud owner of a dog, and their dog shows them the devotion Sugar showed to me, so prefer to whelp and raise puppies as close to them as possible). I am always present, which results in many many sleepless nights, but wouldn’t have it any other way, as each puppy is of utmost importance to us. None of our dogs or pups are kept in cages. Most sleep on ours or one of our children’s beds!! When puppies are between 3 and 4 weeks and begin to wander and take interest in life and food they come out to our living room so they can interact with the whole family. Once puppies reach 6 weeks and have received their first vaccination they begin to venture outside. I don’t work away from home, so am able to devote my time to raising my children, of course, and our beautiful puppies. As I am always on hand I have the time and the passion to devote to each little puppy to ensure all the physical needs are met as well as their social and emotional needs. And without saying our children dote on each puppy too.

About Alison
Alison is a wife, mother of 5 children, counsellor, and an occupational therapist. She is passionate and committed to breeding miniature dachshunds, and raising healthy happy well socialised family pets. Currently studying a diploma in puppy development, care and coaching.

About James
James, married to Alison, father of 5 children. James has a degree in genetics and science and honours in biochemistry, and is currently working as a high school science teacher. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others, and dachshunds of course.

About Gracie

Gracie is 18, and adores animals. She has studied a Certificate 4 in Animal Studies and is thinking of studying vet nursing. She loves nothing more than to sit and play with the puppies and adults every day, and loves introducing them to new and exciting things to contribute to their important early socialisation experience. She is also very involved in their care, as she is home full time while studying. 

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